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Bettina and Luke Engagement, Edward Gardens, Toronto

When Luke contacted us, him and Bettina were interested in and intrigued by our trial offer.  It was not easy finding a proper weekend for an outdoor engagement shoot, the weather here in Toronto was pretty wet, essentially dashing our hopes to have this done on Toronto Island. Finally some luck and some (very) hot weather enabled us to meet at the Edward Gardens and have a bit of fun.

Bettina and Luke’s love story begun some ten years ago on a rainy, chilly Valentine’s day when Luke showed up at Bettina’s doorstep with three roses in hand and a big smile on his face. Their story continued thru high school and U of T and thru the hardships of long distances across continents. One day while working in Nepal, Luke whisked Bettina above the clouds to 4600 m and proposed to her with the Himalayas as their witness. We are a bit gobsmacked by this and we’d only wished to be present there to capture the moment when she said yes. They are an awesome couple, we can hardly wait to shoot their upcoming wedding this fall.

Here’s a small sample of our fun engagement shoot. Enjoy!


B&E Engagement Photography, Edward Garden, Toronto, ON



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