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Roni-Lee and Brian Maternity Shoot, Anchor Park, Holland Landing.

To say we were excited to shoot this maternity session is severely understated. We were absolutely ecstatic and that for very good reasons. Roni-Lee and Brian are one of those very special couples to us, the kind of people who kept in touch, refered other couples and generally spread a lot of good vibe not only around us and our business but around everybody.  We knew early on, since their engagement and their wedding that spending an afternoon shooting with them would be a fun experience so we were looking forward to see how the bump shoot will turn out. This year the weather has been rather uncooperative so finding a fair day was not easy and with the delivery closing fast swiftness was imperative. In the end we decided home and a park close to home (if God forbid rain starts) would work best so Anchor Park in Holland Landing it was. For the uninitiated (like we were as well, so don’t feel bad) the name comes from the large anchor on display there, an old British made one, which was abandoned on it’s way to an unnamed Great Lake ship at the end of the 1812 War. Funny how history pokes up from the most unexpected places!

Without further ado, here’s a snippet of how ous shoot went. Enjoy!

Maternity Photograpy, Anchor Park, Holland Landing


Amanda and Neil Maternity, Richmond Green Park, Richmond Hill.

You might remember this lovely couple from their 5 year anniversary shoot we had at Richmond Green Park in Richmond Hill. Well, with a new addition to their family coming soon Amanda wanted to have a few maternity photos taken and for the sake of symmetry, we went exploring the same spots we went to last time.  I’m not sure how anyone else feels about this, but welcoming new life on this world makes me really happy and it makes me remember my own experience as an expectant parent which was, well, also pretty happy.

It was a pretty hot and humid day and we had to dodge quite a few wedding parties shooting in all the good spots in the park but, despite all the agitation we managed to have quite a bit of fun and shoot a few photos. Here’s a few of them. Enjoy!

Maternity Photography, Richmond Green, Richmond Hill, Ontario


Bettina and Luke Engagement, Edward Gardens, Toronto

When Luke contacted us, him and Bettina were interested in and intrigued by our trial offer.  It was not easy finding a proper weekend for an outdoor engagement shoot, the weather here in Toronto was pretty wet, essentially dashing our hopes to have this done on Toronto Island. Finally some luck and some (very) hot weather enabled us to meet at the Edward Gardens and have a bit of fun.

Bettina and Luke’s love story begun some ten years ago on a rainy, chilly Valentine’s day when Luke showed up at Bettina’s doorstep with three roses in hand and a big smile on his face. Their story continued thru high school and U of T and thru the hardships of long distances across continents. One day while working in Nepal, Luke whisked Bettina above the clouds to 4600 m and proposed to her with the Himalayas as their witness. We are a bit gobsmacked by this and we’d only wished to be present there to capture the moment when she said yes. They are an awesome couple, we can hardly wait to shoot their upcoming wedding this fall.

Here’s a small sample of our fun engagement shoot. Enjoy!


B&E Engagement Photography, Edward Garden, Toronto, ON


Sorina and Bogdan’s Engagement, Distillery District, Toronto

The Distillery District in Toronto is one of our favourite places to go for an engagement session. It’s got an undeniable old charm and plenty of nooks and crannies to find and use. After a pretty long and wet winter and a questionable spring we could finally go out for some fun with Sorina and Bogdan… Too bad we did not bring any yoga mats, the center of the district was filled with people enjoying free hourly yoga sessions under the welcoming, warm Sun. We dodged all the Sun salutations, Warriors and Downward Dogs and got ourselves busy with the task at hand. It was a good day!

Here are a few samples images from the session. Enjoy!

Engagement photography in the Distillery District, Toronto


Sandra and Balazs Engagement, Villaways Park, North York, ON

The day was not so great, rain was prominently featured on the weather forecast, a bit dark and totally flat. And then it was the park, Villaways by his name which we have never heard off. As it turns out none of those unknowns mattered in the end, Sandra and Balazs made everything bright and shiny and awesome with their easy going attitude and big smiles so the session was one of the liveliest we had in recent memory.

Sandra’s parents are dear friends of us so her upcoming wedding is something special we’re really looking forward to.

In the mean time, here’s a small sample of how this session went. Enjoy!

Engagement Photo, Villaways Park, SandB


Felanna and Aaron’s Engagement, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.

“I will come by and pick you up tomorrow for ROM…OK?”. Those were the words, delivered in a low voice, almost a whisper, Aaron used to ask Felanna for a date in front of all their friends for the very first time, thus starting a tradition more than three years in the running. 

This is what Felanna shared with us: “Aaron and I officially started dating at the ROM about 3 to 4 years ago. Every time we attend a ROM event, it is always special. Spending time together at the ROM has always been different and magical. On one special night in 2011, Aaron won a trip to Antarctica from the ROM. We went in 2013, and I still remember the trip down South. It was definitely an unforgettable moment.

Aaron proposed to me while we were vacationing in Mexico in 2014. We had a wonderful dinner on the beach by the ocean shore. At the end, he went down on one knee and proposed to me. I was totally shocked and could not even say a word, as this was totally unexpected for me. But finally, with a big smile on my face, I said, ”YES!”

The ROM has a special place in our hearts and forever will be”.

It was a great opportunity for us to shoot inside the museum. We are standing members and we ourselves went to the ROM numerous times but never had a chance to actually shoot there.

Here are a few of our favourite shots. Enjoy!

ROM Engagement photo, Toronto, with F and A


Kayleigh and Sean’s Engagement, Scanlon Creek, Bradford, ON

Kayleigh and Sean were together for around three and a half years on that Christmas Day Sean planned to propose. Now, I’ve known him for a while, we used to work together and he’s the kind of no nonsense, easy going, at times shy kind of guy that likes taking a methodical approach to planning things, taking all variables into account. That particular Christmas Day however, when he started his proposing things did not go quite as envisioned as Kayleigh’s reaction was one of total surprise and shock. She went “no, no, no…” quite a few times before recollecting and answering the final yes. Sean never acknowledged what was going thru his mind at the same time, he just seems to be over the Moon at the prospect of spending the rest of his life with her.

Their wedding is not for another year however we decided to head out to Scanlon Creek for an engagement photo shoot and get that part of planning out of the way. That lead to lots of laughing, hugging jumping and all other sorts of fun stuff…

Here’s a little snippet of this session. Enjoy!

Scanlon Creek Engagement Photos K and S


Shiela and Pedro’s Engagement, Osgoode Hall, Downtown Toronto.

We’ve known Shiela for a few years now, she is Sheryl’s sister and of course was part of her bridal party at her wedding. Now she is getting married as well later in the year and we’re very happy she chose us as their photographers. After a bit of thinking and talking about it we decided to go to Osgoode Hall for their engagement photos as it presents the perfect mix of architecture and greenery to be used as a backdrop. We were lucky this time to find the trees in full bloom, a spectacular sight and have really good weather for our session.

Shiela and Pedro are a great couple, really into each other and not in the slightest camera shy so it was an absolute pleasure to work with them this day. We’re really looking forward to their wedding, if it’s half the fun this session was, it’s going to be a blast ! :-)

Here are some of our favourite shots from this shoot.


Osgoode Hall Engagement Photography, Toronto


Laura and Chris Engagement, Fairy Lake, Newmarket, ON

If you feel Laura and Chris look somewhat familiar you’re right, Chris is Melissa’s brother while Laura is a good friend so they’ve been in the bridal party at Melissa’s wedding. Now they are getting married shortly but unfortunately the weather in this particular spring was not willing to cooperate, pushing their engagement session up to the very last moment. It was finally nice and warm (ish) so we went to Fairy Lake in Newmarket for a quick round of pictures.

The following is a small snippet of this session. Enjoy!


Engagement photography at Fairly Lake, Newmarket, Ontario


Elizabeth and Mitch Engagement, Lake Wilcox, Richmond Hill, ON

Elizabeth and Mitch  actually met some 8 years ago when they were both working at a pet store, but after she moved on to a different job they lost touch with each other. Seven years passed on without any contact but Elizabeth always had a huge crush on Mitch so at some point she finally mustered up the courage to add him on Facebook and the rest, as they say, is history. They  started dating shortly after and moved in together only a few months later. About a year later Mitch took Liz out for a stroll on Fairy Lake in Newmarket in the middle of winter. “It was so cold!” she recalled, “we walked only for a few minutes before I turned around to see him on his knee “.
This little story made them want an engagement shoot with some snow in and this last February has provided us plenty of the white stuff, along with some record breaking, really chilly weather. We started in their new house they bought together then we headed to Lake Wilcox. It was seriously cold and windy out there, windy enough some people were using parasails to ski across the frozen lake. We could not stay out long but we managed to have some fun…
Here a small sample below. Enjoy!



Marina and Omar Engagement, Kariya Park, Mississauga, ON

I just love meeting people like Marina and Omar. Full of energy, ready to laugh but also shy at times, especially Omar who sometimes won’t look in the lens even prompted. He might be a touch shy so Marina is more than happy to intervene with a witty thing to say (or a poke) to keep the things both on track and on the light side of things. As you’ll see, stories like these always happen with a guy holding a ring, one knee down and this one is no exception alas this was no surprise. The ring was though! Great job Omar!

As we went on with our engagement photo shoot, we got to try a few things, loosen up and laugh quite a bit. We even set up a little “film-noir thing” on the Mississauga’s City Center grand staircase.

Here’s a snippet of the session. Enjoy!

Engagement Photography, Kariya Park, Mississauga


Laura and Aaron Engagement, Main St. Newmarket, ON

I imagine at some point Main Street Newmarket becoming a hot destination and a hub for our photography brethren trying to get the coolest, most creative shots for our clients. All because of us here at Studio Solaris… (cue Handel’s Messiah)… OK… back to reality now :-). Truth to be told, these parts of Newmarket have their charm, a charm that attracted Laura and Aaron, especially after seeing Kaytlin and Ryan’s engagement. They are a couple very much into each other and they have tender, intimate way of interacting with each-other that required only a minimum of intervention from our side.

I was also in for a surprise. Laura loves sunflowers and their wedding theme will revolve around them. This a very neat idea, they are my absolute favorite flowers as well. About midway into our photo session Laura stopped and bought two of those flowers to use in the following shots. Absolute beauty!

We can’t wait to shoot their wedding in October!

Newmarket engagement photography, Main Street, L & A


Macy and Geoff Engagement, Richmond Green, Richmond Hill, ON

I’ve known Geoff for a while now. We had interminable technology arguments like iOS vs Android, the future of cars and automotive in general… all profound, quietly romantic subjects. When he told me he and Macy got engaged we also discussed shooting their engagement and wedding at length for a full half  minute, before switching back to debating how self-driving cars from Google will undoubtedly destroy the joy of driving (my take) or revolutionize urban traffic and forever get rid of gridlock (his). We’re men, OK? Iron Man 3 is the best romantic comedy, let’s leave it at that…

So how come loving, funny, light hearted and easy going are the first thoughts popping in my mind when I think about Macy and Geoff’s recent engagement shoot? I don’t know, it is undoubtedly this strange power our partners have over us, a power that’s smoothing up our rough edges, reminding us how fragile we really are if we’re alone. It is perhaps fitting that Macy and Geoff wedding is back to back with Kaitlyn and Ryan’s . If we’re to judge by what we’ve seen in these two engagements, that weekend in August will be one to remember!

For the time being, here’s a small sample of this session.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

Richmond Green Engagement Photography, in Richmond Hill, Macy and Geoff


Kaitlyn and Ryan Engagement, Fairy Lake, Newmarket, ON

I have a feeling that Newmarket’s Main Street and Fairy Lake don’t come very often into Google searches as some of the most sought after engagement photography locations do. We thought why let places like Unionville have all the fun? Kaitlyn and Ryan are locals and wanted to stay in their neighbourhood for various reasons, for one they own the Books Cafe and Things right on Main Street, a place I visited regularly for the past year or so. Jasmine Tea  for me and a Chai Latte with cinnamon on top for my daughter was our mainstay…

The engagement itself was just fantastic, from swings and bear hugs to intimate, quiet moments, Kaitlyn and Ryan put their irresistible bubbly energy forward, a real pleasure for Sandra and I to shoot. Here are some of our favourite images from this session.


Engagement Photography, Fairy Lake, Newmarket with Kaitlyn and Ryan (more…)

Tanya and Kivar’s Engagement, Edward Gardens, Toronto

Remember when we posted Nela and Mark’s engagement  we mentioned the “double” feature session in Edward Gardens that day. This is the second one, this time with Tanya and Kivar. As a couple, their history goes back right to early high school years and you’ll notice toward the end of the post the shots with them going thru some of the little things they got each other along the way. They wanted those years somehow represented in the session so that particular section was done on their old high school grounds. Everything changed there since, however their love carried on.

It was an absolute pleasure shooting with them. They are the kind of couple that feels natural and uninhibited in front of our large lenses, bringing energy, ideas and at times quiet moments of great tenderness.

This is how it went. Enjoy!

Engagement photography in Edward Gardens, Toronto, with Tanya and Kivar


Amanda and Neil’s 5 Year Anniversary, Richmond Green Park, Richmond Hill.

Amanda contacted us a few weeks ago about having an anniversary shoot done and from the get go we knew this will be a bit different. She mentioned she and Neil wanted something special to celebrate their anniversary. They also wanted to have Jack, their 9 year old dog as an integral part of the session and wandered if we would accept that. Well of course we do, we love animals but, you see, this dog is special. Four years ago he was diagnosed with a 3rd degree atrio-ventricular block and he needed a pacemaker. He became, as they called him, their “bionic” dog. This in turn, makes Amanda and Neil a special couple in our book. Jack was their companion from the very start of their relationship and he still is today because of their love and care.

Now Jake is a dog and obviously has absolutely no idea he’s got a pacemaker. He lives in the present moment, a moment he enjoys very much judging by the energy and enthusiasm he’s not being afraid showing everyone. I believe there is perhaps a lesson in all this, an example to be followed.

We did have quite a bit of fun on this photo shoot. We hope you’ll enjoy it…

Richmond Green Anniversary Photo Shoot A and N


Nela and Mark’s Engagement, Edward Gardens, Toronto

With the warm weather finally here it was a busy day in Edward Gardens, lots of people enjoying the sun, lots of photographers out after the beautiful blooming flowers, preparations for an outdoor wedding… the whole nine yards. We added to the commotion with two engagement photo shoots. The following is the first of the day, with Nela and Mark. He is a bit camera shy but it did not take long to warm up and enjoy the session. Nela on the other hand was full of energy and loving the camera right from the get go. Great couple, we can barely wait to shoot their wedding in less than two weeks.


Engagement photography in Edward Gardens Toronto Nela and Mark


Natalia and Erik Engagement, Distillery District, Toronto.

The Distillery District is one of our favorite spots for engagement sessions and as it turns out it was Natalia and Erik’s choice as well… They like it here even though being so busy lately they were surprised by all the changes the area has gone through in the last year or so. We were there early enough to get some nice morning light and avoid most of the tourist crowds. It was a perfect setting to relax, enjoy their company and shoot a couple of photos at an unhurried, deliberate pace.

We’re really looking forward to their wedding next month. You’ll see, it will be a really nice one :-)

Engagement Session, The Distillery District, Toronto, N and E


Michaela and Jared Engagement, Black Creek Pioneer Village, ON

This entry is a bit overdue… Michaela and Jared are dear friends of ours and we’re absolutely excited to shoot their upcoming June 2014 wedding. We spent a whole day at Black Creek Pioneer village having quite a bit of fun on their engagement session. One is quite surprised to find all kinds of farm animals there, calmly going around their business, sometimes posing as long time mates… It’s all part of the atmosphere there, kind of homey and rustic. Having lots of time to spend, as we strolled around the village looking for good photo opportunities, we were met by a rather large pair of farm geese moving at a purposeful and deliberate pace. Half inquisitive, half annoyed the male signalled us we’re “close enough” so we stopped and we took a small, quick “couple’s” portrait… Later Michaela jokingly said this was the photo she and Jared looked at their best… While this is not altogether bad, we think we have a few other pictures, more representative of Michaela’s and Jared’s sparkling dynamics as a couple.

Perhaps we should let you , the viewer, be the judge… enjoy!

Black Creek Engagement Photo MandJ-4


Laura and Shane Engagement, Brookfield Place, Toronto, ON

We’ve had a bout of unpredictable and rather uncooperative weather here in Toronto over the last weekend. Understandably Laura was concerned our scheduled Richmond Green Park engagement session might end up looking more like swimming lessons, therefore we started counting our indoor options. The Downtown Toronto core is always good for this kind of sessions and with the pharaonic improvement construction works going around Union Station one is better off sticking to the Path and the surrounding big indoor spaces to avoid the big mess outside.

Laura and Shane’s relaxed, easy-going attitude made this photo session really fun and engaging, we can wait to shoot their wedding this upcoming October!

The following are a few photos we liked from this engagement shoot. Enjoy!



Brada and Ryan’s Engagement, Kariya Park, Mississauga ON

When Brada contacted us thru Facebook inquiring about our availability we were both happy and pleasantly surprised. We photographed Ryan’s sister’s, Amanda, wedding last year so we are really looking forward being part of the family’s celebrations again this year. This was perhaps the most rescheduled engagement session I’ve ever shot due to a variety of unexpected scheduling conflicts and truly uncooperative weather… At some point it almost appeared we would be forced to scrap all plans but a small window of opportunity miraculously appeared and jumped on it. What’s funny is that after all the delays and rescheduling, we were so in sync this day we even got stuck together on HWY 410 rush hour traffic on our route to our meeting point.

So, here we are in Kariya Park on a beautiful mid week day… fish are jumping… ducks and rabbits… the perfect setting…

Engagement photography in Karyia Park, Mississauga, Ontario


Codrina and Liviu’s Engagement, The Distillery District, Toronto

It was fun planning this photo session with Codrina and Liviu. They wanted a bit of everything. A bit of the financial district, with perhaps a church, a park and (time permitting) a fountain night shot if at all possible. All with a pinch of Distillery. That sounds like a lot but we knew it’s was  also going to be a lot of fun executing it as well.

Toronto is a great city to try and pull all of that. Within the Downtown’s core there are nice green spaces, old churches and new buildings, plenty of opportunity for street shooting and characters like this guy who was playing an instrument made out of a converted cigar box, with 3 strings which reminded me of Seasick Steve and his old arsenal of odd looking guitars. He was incredibly nice and allowed us to shoot a few frames while he was doing a bit of a blues solo. He was quite good actually.

Liviu mentioned he was a bit camera shy and indeed he was … for a few seconds… then he could not stop smiling for the whole duration of the engagement. It was a very pleasant evening of shooting down to the gorgeous warm sundown light.

Here is a snippet, enjoy!

                            Engagement Photography in the Distillery District, Toronto with Codrina and Liviu.


Raluca and Andrei Engagement, Brasov, Romania

We’re calling this time from Romania with a very special couple Raluca and Andrei. This is a family thing. Andrei is my nephew and an unbelievable lucky guy to find his perfect half in Raluca. Their story is not unlike mine and Sandra’s, they were friends brought along as “cover” on a Valentine’s Day date more than 3 years ago and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Valentine’s Day, prefect strangers hitting it off… as love stories go it can’t get any better than this.

So here we are, in the beautiful city of Brasov, Romania, shooting their engagement along the old city core. We even got on Rope Street which is said to be the narrowest street in Europe. Have a look at the last photo if you don’t believe it…

Raluca and Andrei Engagement Session, Old Center Brasov, Romania


Eva and Mark Engagement, Edward Gardens, Toronto.

Eva and Mark have been together longer than some people have been married, 12 years. While looking for a photographer for their next year wedding, Eva stumbled on our blog and was intrigued by our trial offer, Several emails later we were all set up to go for an engagement photo session in Edward Gardens while also praying for decent weather as this summer so far is one of the coldest and wettest in my recent memory. Our prayers were answered and we were fortunate to have a superb day.

The following are a just a few pictures highlights from the session.


Engagement Photography Edward Gardens Toronto Eva and Mark